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Community Spotlight: Contrast Painting, Haqqislam Heroines & Furry Tutorials!

1 day ago 8

We're looking at some community streams, painting tutorials and a snippet from the wider Infinity world today in Community Spotlight.

Weekender: FREE 3D Models, WIN Archon Terrain & 15mm Conan Miniatures Pack A Punch


Join us for the Weekender as we're giving away FREE goodies including a bundle of ace 3D Printed Terrain from Dragon's Crest PLUS you could WIN the amazing Archon Rampart Eternal Cathedral.

The Creative Process Of Raging Heroes

4 days ago 3

Ryan learns a little about the creative process behind the miniatures of Raging Heroes. Come and watch a video on the process and also learn a bit about their inspiration too.

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Cult Of Games XLBS: The End Of The World As We Know It?

2 days ago 95

No, not that. Something much much worse. Warren and Gerry have downloaded an "app" to attempt to play virtual online games!! But before that horror show, we have some real hobby to look at.

Gerry Can Show You The Basics Of Crayons

4 days ago 23

Do you know someone who can use crayons? We're not talking about your kids. Well Gerry Can!

XLBS: Keep Calm & Carry On Hobbying

1 week ago 49

Weekender XLBS is continuing as normal as the guys get together and chat about what hobby they've been up to!

Painting Journal Update #1: Getting Back Into Burrows & Badgers!


Ben is using this extra time to do a bit of extra hobby work and shows off some of his Burrows & Badgers miniatures. You can show off your work by starting a Project!

Pre-Orders Now Open For PHALANX Games’ Successors

6 days ago 5

Successors is a strategy board game by the team at PHALANX Games now it is available to pre-order as part of their BackerKit Program. 

Support The Small Guy! Adepticon 2020 Exhibitor List

6 days ago 5

Much like we did with Salute 2020, we've now got a full list of the exhibitors who were going to be attending Adepticon 2020. Have a browse and support a few smaller companies!

Heavy Metal Tunes For Your Hobbying!

1 week ago 28

Robert from the community got in touch and has produced a list of awesome Heavy Metal music to rock out to whilst you're painting away!

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Community Spotlight: Genestealers, Gorkamorka & Grimdark Planes!

1 week ago 4

We've got a bit of a grimdark Warhammer 40,000 special this weekend with all three projects coming from various Games Workshop games from across the ages.

Weekender: Infinity CODE ONE Looking Ace & Join Our Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge!

1 week ago 68

We're starting up the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge AND putting a call out to exhibitors and content creators from cancelled events to join us for a new endeavour!

Get Involved! Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020


Get involved and join us for another Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge! Upgrade old projects, tinker with disregarded miniatures and win prizes!

Support The Small Guy! Salute 2020 Vendor List

2 weeks ago 22

Here we have grabbed the list of the vendors who were going to be at Salute 2020. Make sure to check it out and maybe throw some support to smaller companies who missed out due to the current crisis!

Hobby VLOG: Altar Of The Succubi Full Build | Raging Heroes


John has a monstrous endeavour in front of him as he builds and paints the Altar Of The Succubi from Raging Heroes.

Shows To Watch Online When You’re Hobbying!

2 weeks ago 57

I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on shows you can watch which might help inspire your hobby. I want to know your thoughts too on what to watch whilst we're cooped up inside!


5 days ago 8

Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

Cabin Fever

2 weeks ago 13

Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

The Tell

4 weeks ago 4

Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

Opening Our Discord Server For Everyone

2 weeks ago 18

Isolation is no fun and can have a big impact on the mental health of most folks. So from today, we are opening our discord server up to be free to access for all of our community members.

World War II: British Book Chat | Battlefront Miniatures

2 weeks ago 8

Today we get an in-depth look at the new British book for Flames Of War. Both John and Chris have sat down to take a peek inside its pages!

NEW Infinity Operation Kaldstrom Battle Pack! [Unboxing & Demo Battle Videos!]

2 weeks ago 18

Check out Corvus Belli's new Battle Pack, Operation Kaldstrom, which introduces their new slimmed-down CODE ONE rules for beginners! [NEW Videos Now Included!]

Community Spotlight: Waking Woods, Classic Fantasy & A Brilliant Blood Angel

2 weeks ago 6

Come and take a peek at more of the awesome painting you folks have been getting up to as we explore the worlds of Fantasy and Sci-Fi!

Weekender: NEW Aliens Board Game + WIN Flames Of War British Bundle!

2 weeks ago 95

We're talking World War II British, Knight Tales and a new Aliens Board Game coming out of Gale Force Nine. You can also get your hands on a FREE 3D File to print off at home!

NEW Infinity Battle Pack! Prepare For Operation Kaldstrom Coming Soon

3 weeks ago 23

Check out the trailer for a new Infinity Two-Player Battle Pack called Operation Kaldstrom. 

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