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Let’s Play Blood & Valor: British VS Germans (World War I Miniatures Game)

2 days ago 15

Justin oversees a real clash of the titans in Blood & Valor between Gerry of OnTableTop and Rufus from Firelock Games.

Let’s Play Blood & Plunder: Spanish VS English


Once again the Firelock Games team take to the gaming table for a Blood & Plunder battle. This time Nate is playing the Spanish and facing of against OnTableTop's very own Justin who is in command of the English.

Let’s Play Blood & Valor: French VS Germans – WWI Miniatures Wargaming!

1 week ago 33

It's time to get a good look at Blood & Valor the new World War One miniatures wargame from Firelock Games.

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Let’s Play Star Wars: Legion – Skirmish Rules

13 hours ago 12

Gerry and Justin throw down their allegiances to each side of the Force for a game of Star Wars: Legion.

VLOG: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Star Wars


Battling off illness and workloads can't stop us from our Star Wars Weekend preparation and Warren is here to give you an update!

WWII Board Game 303 Squadron – Interview With Michal Kohmann

2 days ago 9

Justin and Gerry get to talk to Michal Kohmann about his new board game coming to Kickstarter: 303 Squadron.

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Pointless Views: Does Everyone REALLY Have A Game In Them?

1 hour ago 1

If Baby Yoda had a pointless view, what would it be and how would they say it?

3 Colours Up: Painting The Bloat Drone [Part One]

15 hours ago 2

John returns for a serene painting tutorial on a model that is anything but serene!

Setting Up Your New Airbrush

2 days ago 19

John is here to guide you through airbrushes and how they work!

Elevating Your Wargames – Showing Off Rampart: Modular Terrain


Warren and Gerry take a bit of time to have a look at the Rampart: Modular Terrain from Archon Studio which they have had a lot of fun with.

Flames Of War & TANKS! D-Day Global Campaign FINAL PHASE Now Active

3 days ago 23

Watch out for our D-Day Campaign which has now moved into the FINAL PHASE where the fighting is heating up! Dive in and start playing some Flames Of War!

Magnate: The First City – Interview With James Naylor

4 days ago 1

Justin and Gerry interview James Naylor about his upcoming board game Magnate: The First City.

Unboxing Star Wars: Legion – Count Dooku


Gerry dons his magnificent beard to give his very best Christopher Lee impression and unboxes Count Dooku for Star Wars: Legion.

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Community Spotlight: Dragonball Dioramas, Funky Gauls & Dark Angels


Come and join us for a peek at some neat painting from you folks including a little bit of Fantasy and Sci-Fi!

Weekender: Star Wars Skirmish Rules & Latest Batman Miniatures

6 days ago 43

We're exploring more awesomeness from the tabletop world including a sexy young Viking that Lloyd might want to take home with him!

Become A Property Magnate With Naylor Games On Kickstarter

1 week ago 2

We got to chat with James of Naylor Games about his new project on Kickstarter right now, Magnate: The First City, where you are plotting and taking risks as a property developer!

Community Spotlight: Oldhammer Ogres, Grim Dwarves & Marvel!

2 weeks ago 8

Come and join us for another look at some awesome work from you folks in the community...

Weekender: The Perfect Time To Be A Fantasy Wargamer?


We've got a mix of both World War II awesomeness and Fantasy wargaming goodies to look at this week. Plus, Gerry gets excited about a great looking Ancients game!

Victrix Miniatures Unboxing: Vikings

2 weeks ago 15

Gerry is here to talk you through the Vikings plastic set from Victrix which is packed with goodies for starting off a Dark Age force.

Home Sick

1 week ago 13

Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

Absolute Power

2 weeks ago 17

Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!


3 weeks ago 16

Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

Let’s Play: Flames Of War D-Day Campaign – Battle Of Cherbourg


Gerry is joined by Chris from Battlefront to play through a game from the Flames Of War Global D-Day Campaign.

Let’s Play: Race to Moscow

3 weeks ago 6

Justin and Gerry are joined in the studio by Waldemar from Phalanx to talk about their new game Race to Moscow. 

Ecos: First Continent Unboxing

3 weeks ago 4

Today Gerry is taking a look at a new board game Ecos: First Continent from AEG Games.

Community Spotlight: Chaotic Queens, Warrior Orcs & Furry Friends


Come and check out more of the awesome painting that you folks have been getting up to over the past few weeks!

Weekender: Racing To Moscow Atop Our Battle Pulpit!


We're chatting with Phalanx Games about their new Kickstarter project and diving into more from the tabletop world this week!

Black Seas Unboxing: HMS Victory


Gerry is back with another Black Seas unboxing. This time it's HMS Victory from Warlord Games. 

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