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Climb The Far Peaks In New Through The Breach One-Shot


Bringing players to the peak of a mountain to investigate the legendary Gigants, in Blood and Snow. 

Undersea Queens & The Night Watch Join TTCombat’s Carnevale


Some more weird and wonderful releases are coming this weekend (and in the near future!) from TTCombat for those diving into their excellent game, Carnevale. Leading the way is a powerful queen of the depths, The Flame That Burns Underwater.

Osprey Games Preview Cryptid: Urban Legends For April 2022!


Cryptid: Urban Legends is a new game on the cards from Osprey Games releasing in April! It comes from Ruth Veevers and Hal Duncan and features the stunning illustrations of Kwanchai Moriya.

Vampire The Masquerade Gets Mega 4-32 Player Board Game


Everything Epic Games will be releasing Vampire the Masquerade Blood Feud - utilising elements of RPG, board games, LARPing and tabletop warfare. 

Stand Up And Fight For Japan In Tokyo Sidekick


Players step up in their roles of sidekicks to save Tokyo City from evil supervillains causing havoc, in the upcoming title, Tokyo Sidekick. 

Escape The Horrors Of Darkness In The Night Cage


The Night Cage is set to be released as 1-5 players become confined in a fearsome labyrinth as lost souls in the hunt for their key to escape!

Urban Operations Expands Free League’s Twilight: 2000 RPG


Free League Publishing has announced a new expansion for their revival of the post-apocalyptic roleplaying game, Twilight: 2000. Urban Operations is going to be coming out digitally soon followed by a physical release in the summer.

New Bolt Action & Konflikt ’47 Tanks Rumble Out Of Warlord Games


Warlord Games has dropped a bunch of new tanks (and a walker!) into the mix for those playing Historical games of Bolt Action and something a bit more Weird World War in Konflikt '47. We'll start with the 28mm World War II vehicles.

Explore The Augusta Industrial Terrain Set By Warcradle [Updated]


A new set of terrain is available to pre-order from the folks at Warcradle Scenics. This set of 28/32mm terrain would be perfect for those playing games of Mythos although it could be used for all manner of games. See what you make of the Augusta Industrial Terrain Set.

Wyrd Expand Malifaux & The Other Side In January Releases


Malifaux & The Other Side are at the forefront of the starting month, bringing some 75mm minis, more troops, some twisted alternatives and much, much more. 

Community Spotlight: Infinity Bikers, Undead Napoleonics & Gaming Tables!

2 weeks ago 5

Some undead minions, an epic action scene from Infinity and finally a nifty looking gaming table as well which might be fun to replicate!

Shadowland Daredevil & Elektra Leap Into Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games keep up with the previews for Marvel: Crisis Protocol with a darker twist. Here we have the new Shadowland Daredevil & Elektra set which also comes with a collection of deadly Hand Ninjas. 

Drive Solo In Savage Wreckland Run? Hits Kickstater February!


Renegade Game Studios have recently announced their upcoming solo board game coming to Kickstarter, entitled Wreckland Run. As players take to the war-torn path, in a vehicle fit for the gangs and hooligans

Wendy Adams Returns In Free Print-And-Play Arkham Horror Scenario!


Wendy Adams is returning with a darker and edgier twist, and a new scenario Red Ride Rising focusing on her devastating past.

Mantic Explore The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game


The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game is going to be landing in the near future from the folks at Mantic Games. This continues their relationship with Dark Horse as they bring this comic book world to the tabletop. 

Call Of Cthulhu 7th Ed Starter Set Reprinted For April 2022


Chaosium Inc have announced that players will no longer have to search high and low for a 7e Starter Set in FLGS stores, as a new and updated physical version is heading to retail. Horay!

Hell’s Gates Open & Unleash CyberMetal 2012 On Gamefound!


I have a serious question for you. On a scale of 1 to wandering the Finish forests looking for an album cover image, how Metal are you?

Nick Fury’s S.H.I.E.L.D Agents Join Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games are adding some ace new miniatures into the mix for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Nick Fury and the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D are going to be diving into the superhero action on the tabletop during 2022.

Mantic’s The Walking Dead: All Out War Comes To An End In 2022


Be sure to bolster up your Mantic Games for The Walking Dead, as Mantic has announced that 2022 will see the final breaths of The Walking Dead: The Miniatures Game.

Olmec Games Releasing Ulaya Chronicles In March!


Olmec Games is going to be releasing Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island in March this year! This is their ace campaign-based boxed game that takes place within the world of The Drowned Earth. 

Beep Boop! Drop The UR-31E Teslabots Into The WWX Union


Warcradle Studios has dropped a new box for those diving into Wild West Exodus. If you're playing as the Union then you can now pick up a set of UR-31E Teslabots. Rather than waste human lives on your opponents, chuck these automata into the mix.

Bring Forth The Kongo With New Dystopian Wars Battlefleet Set


Warcradle Studios has added a new Battlefleet Set into the mix for those taking on the role of The Empire during your games of Dystopian Wars. The newest 1/1200 scale fleet takes us down to the Kongo.

How To Play Wild West Exodus [Starter Set Let’s Play] | Warcradle Studios

4 weeks ago 4

Justin and Gerry celebrate finishing off their Global Gunslinger League projects by showing you How To Play Wild West Exodus from Warcradle Studios in this Let's Play.

Gerry Can Show You How To Make Napoleonic Revenants For The Silver Bayonet


Gerry Can show you how to make Napoleonic Revenants for use in The Silver Bayonet. All you need is a couple of plastic kits and you're good to go!

Unboxing: 80’s Kids Miniatures | Morgue Miniatures


Gerry gets stuck into an unboxing of the 80's Kids Miniatures that you can pick up for use in your skirmish wargames and roleplaying games too from Morgue Miniatures.

Mr Freeze Brings A Chill To Gotham For The Batman Miniature Game


Knight Models has released a couple of new packs for those diving into the 35mm scale Batman Miniatures Game. If you're looking for a suitably chilly option for Christmas then Mr Freeze and his new crew are certainly worth a look.

Warcradle Teases Four Potential Upcoming Mythos Factions


There has been an interesting tease by Stuart Mackaness, Studio Manager at Warcradle Studios regarding what could be next for Mythos. 

The History Of Cubicle 7 & Building RPG Worlds With Dom McDowall | Designer Interview


Gerry and Ben get stuck into a designer interview with Dom McDowall of Cubicle 7 to discuss his history with the company and building new RPG worlds. 

Unboxing: Islands And Archipelagos Set | Dystopian Wars


We get stuck into an Unboxing of the Islands And Archipelagos Set from Warcradle Studios for use with their naval wargame, Dystopian Wars. A perfect set of 1/1200 scale terrain.

Community Spotlight: Rebels, Post-Apocalyptic Mice & Scratch-Built Terrain!


Dive into another Community Spotlight this week as we look at Star Wars: Legion, Aftermath Mice and some Scratch-Built Historical terrain!

North Star Preview Prussians & Austrians For The Silver Bayonet


North Star Military Figures has been previewing more of their releases for Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet popping up in the new year. The Prussians and the Austrians are heading to the battlefields of Europe soon.

Get Involved & Win Prizes! Finishing Off Your Global Gunslinger League Projects | Wild West Exodus


Justin and Gerry go through their Projects from the Global Gunslinger League for Wild West Exodus and talk about how they found the event, its pacing and the Posses they have built. You can still get involved and win prizes!

Find Out What’s In Carnevale’s Blood On The Water Expansion


Dive into a new expansion for Carnevale next year from the folks at TTCombat. Things are about to get weird (well, weirder) as part of this new campaign book which introduces new mechanics and more.

Let’s Play! The Silver Bayonet – British Vs French Confirmed Kill Scenario | Osprey Games


Gerry and Justin get stuck into a full Let's Play of Osprey Games' new Napoleonic Gothic Horror miniatures game, The Silver Bayonet. The British are clashing against the French in this Confirmed Kill scenario.

Black Site Studio Preview New Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures


Black Site Studios is looking to expand on its Post-Apocalyptic miniatures collection next week. A new set of 32mm sculpts are on the way for those wanting to play out games set in a ruined landscape. 

Wyrd Announce Two New Factions & Gods Coming To The Other Side


Wyrd has surprised us with not just a titanous miniature - but more information about the two upcoming Allegiances for The Other Side.

Super Scary Monsters Coming To The Silver Bayonet Soon! | Unboxing & Painting The Miniatures


We get a sneaky look at some of the upcoming monsters from North Star Military Figures you'll be able to add into your games of The Silver Bayonet next year! Which foes have you battled in Osprey Games' new 28mm skirmish miniature wargame?

Battle Through A Stacked Shanty Town With TTCombat’s Terrain


TTCombat has been putting together some more previews for what awaits us in 2022. Terrain is a core of their catalogue and some new modular bits and bobs are going to be popping up in the near future.

North Star Preview The Russians Coming To The Silver Bayonet


North Star Military Figures has shown off the next unit for The Silver Bayonet that will be released in the new year. The Russians are getting ready to take to the tabletop for Osprey Games' Napoleonic Gothic Horror miniatures game. 

Which Hunter Faction Would You Choose For The Silver Bayonet? Unboxing & Painting The Units!


Gerry takes a look at the three current Unit sets for The Silver Bayonet, Osprey Games' latest Napoleonic Gothic Horror skirmish miniatures game. Would you choose North Star Military Figures' British, French or Spanish?

X-23 & Honey Badger Leap Into Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games previewed another awesome pair of miniatures for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! X-23 & Honey Badger have been bundled together in a new set that is soon arriving for X-Men fans eager to get slicing and dicing. 

The Silver Bayonet; A Perfect Mix Of Napoleonic History & Horror? | Frostgrave Creator Interview


We chat with Frostgrave creator Joseph McCullough about how The Silver Bayonet is the perfect blend of Napoleonic history & horror. Are you enjoying Osprey Games' newest Gothic skirmish miniatures game?

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