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Meet the Team

It takes a lot of people to keep OnTableTop running. Here you can find out a bit more about each of the OTT team. Feel free to find us on the site and say hi to us.

Name: Warren Johnston

Profile: warzan

Bio: The Big Man of OnTableTop, Warren launched the website together with brother Lloyd. An enthusiastic fan of all things gaming, Warren started out filling dungeons with monsters for games of Warhammer Quest. These days, he enjoys coming up with exciting ways to get his kids into gaming. For safety reasons he is not allowed in the vicinity of caffeine.

Name: Lloyd Johnston

Profile: lloyd

Bio: The brains behind the operation, Lloyd is the one responsible for making the website into the eye-catching hobby hub it is today. Aside from playing SAGA and talking like a pirate, Lloyd’s main love in the hobby is creating cool terrain to bring tables to life. Also trains. He likes trains.

Name : John Lyons

Profile: johnlyons

Bio: OnTableTop’s very own Tank God, John has been with the site since the very beginning. A keen painter and history buff, John can talk about tanks long after anyone has stopped paying any attention. John is responsible for much of the painting that goes on behind the scenes at Beasts of War, often dressed in full reenactment gear as he does it.

Name: Justin McAuley

Profile: dignity

Bio: Justin is usually to be found buried under a pile of games he needs to learn by next week. Justin has been a keen tabletop gamer since his discovery of Warhammer 40,000 when he made the leap from digital gaming to the tabletop. His other hobbies include playing video games, reading fantasy novels and encouraging small furry life forms to grow on his face.

Name: Ben Shaw

Profile: brennon

Bio: Ben has been described as a news writing dwarf machine. He is responsible for making sure the word thingies are in the right order. Ben plays a wide variety of games, but his first love will always be dwarves, no matter what the setting.

Name: Tom Guthrie

Profile: tgu3

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Name: Romain Darmon

Profile: elromanozo

Bio: OTT’s resident non-resident, Romain has long abandoned his wargaming days, but continues to roleplay in earnest. Content to while away the hours stroking little fantasy men with his number 1 kolinsky sable brushes, he unfortunately can’t do this sort of thing full-time. He’s been a teacher, a translator and a journalist, and he learned to paint during the Rackham years… which explains his patience, his painting methods, and the drowsiness you may feel when watching his tutorials for too long. He resides in Paris with his beloved corgi, his huge rugby player of a boyfriend, and a grey mountain of plastic, resin and metal.

Name: Tim Chubb

Profile: nakchak

Bio: Lvl 50 Cybermancer Atk: Mighty server kick, Aggressive Cache, Refactor Def: Walls of Fire, Banhammer, Sword of Edit Skills: SQL Quickening, Physical to Ethereal Transformation, Boomstick manufacture Weaknesses: Pixel Wrangling, CSS, Mood boards, Sausage Rolls

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