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This Quar’s War – The Quirkiest Wargame You’ve Ever Seen? | Designer Interview

12 hours ago 2

Gerry sits down for a chat with Joshua Qualtieri to interview him about the growth and development of ZombieSmith and This Quar's War: Clash Of Rhyfles. The Quar have been around for a while in different scales, a fascinating anteater-come-womble combination of wargaming soldiers and we get to learn all about them!

GF9 Announce New Gamefound Projects – Conan & More!


Gale Force Nine has announced that they will continue their relationship with Gamefound across three new projects that will be popping up throughout the year. This begins with The Adventures Of Conan starting in April 2024.

Indie Of The Week ... 55 UPDATES!

18 hours ago 25

Check out our Indie Of The Week picks from each OnTableTop Weekender! Whether it's a great Sci-Fi wargaming range, a new Fantasy epic or something for the discerning Historical wargamer, you'll be able to find our weekly segments within!

New Kroot Lone-Spears Hunt Down Tanks & Leaders In 40K


Games Workshop has previewed yet another new miniatures for the Kroot and by extension the T'au in Warhammer 40,000. This time around, we're seeing another mounted Kroot hunter who will be able to bring down tanks and snipe characters from units, spreading fear and discord.

Dark Angels Hunt The Fallen In Warhammer 40K This Weekend


Games Workshop are going to be taking pre-orders for the newest set of Dark Angels miniatures for Warhammer 40,000 this weekend. You'll be able to scoop up new characters, new elite troops and the rules for these unrelenting Space Marines.

Mantic Games’ Epic Warpath Kickstarter Launches!


Mantic Games is now live on Kickstarter with its campaign that aims to bring Epic Warpath to the tabletop. Designed by Matt Gilbert & Alessio Cavatore, Epic Warpath allows you to play out the massive battles of the Warpath universe with 10mm Sci-Fi miniatures.

New Sci-Fi Crossroads Game From Plaid Hat, Wandering Galaxy!


Plaid Hat Games are going to be returning to Kickstarter soon with a new Crossroads Game which this time takes to the stars. See what you make of Wandering Galaxy!

A New Kroot Trail Shaper Leads The Way In Warhammer 40K


Games Workshop showcased another Kroot miniatures for Warhammer 40,000 this week. The Kroot Trail Shaper is going to be another good cog in the machine as you look to overwhelm your enemies with your T'au/Kroot army.

The Volucrid Scuttle Into Breachstorm With New Core Set


Breachstorm can now play host to the terrible hordes of the Volucrids that are going to be scuttling across battlefields looking to bring you down under an avalanche of claws. There is a new Core Set for you to pick up for the Volucrid Host but you can also get your hands on separate releases too.

Support Rolls In For The Horus Heresy: Legions Imperialis Armies


Games Workshop are also reinforcing the armies of The Horus Heresy this weekend with pre-orders going up for 8mm scale support units helping out Solar Auxilia and Legiones Astartes armies. Use these to help your Loyalists or your Traitors turn the tide and secure victory for The Warmaster or The Emperor. 

Space Marine Reinforcements For Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop are making a chunk of the Space Marines from the Leviathan boxed set (and beyond) available for you to scoop up separately this weekend. You can get your hands on some reinforcements for your armies as they take to the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000.

REM Racers! New Board Game Now Available From Corvus Belli


REM Racers, the fun and relaxed board game from Corvus Belli set in the Infinity universe is now available to snap up on their webstore. Dive in with your family and have some fun as you race around the track trying to beat your rivals.

Mantic Games Show Off How To Play Epic Warpath


Mantic Games has put together a video this week showing off How To Play Epic Warpath. This is their 10mm scale Sci-Fi wargame set in the Warpath universe coming to Kickstarter next week!

Unboxing: Ork Looted Dread Boss | Wargame Exclusive

2 weeks ago 3

We get a closer look at the Looted Dread Boss from Wargame Exclusive. It might be the perfect 28mm Sci-Fi leader for you to use when making a new Ork army in games like Warhammer 40,000.

Community Spotlight: A Fistful Of Lead, Chosen Men & Samurai 7!

2 weeks ago 1

We get a look at the Wild West on the tabletop in a battle report, a dashing take on Mr Sharpe and some Gundam/Samurai awesomeness from the far future.

New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Quickstart Sets From OnePageRules


OnePageRules has now made two new Quickstart Sets available for their flagship games, Grimdark Future and Age Of Fantasy. These are free to download and 3D Print at home. As well as the miniatures, you get all the rules and extra gubbins you need. Throw in some dice and away you go.

Hobby Heroes Panels Returning To Salute 2024


South London Warlords have announced that they are bringing the Hobby Heroes panels back to Salute this year. The talks, which started at the event last year, give you a chance to hear from a bunch of awesome folks from within the miniature wargaming hobby. 

Kev Adams’ Cosmic Orcs Pop Up From Badger Games!


Badger Games has been showing off the new Kev Adams-designed Cosmic Orcs that have joined their 28mm Sci-Fi collection! A new range of Command miniatures, NCOs, Support troops and regular soldiers have joined their range.

Maximus! New Infinity Releases For March 2024


Corvus Belli has been showcasing the new releases coming to the Sci-Fi world of Infinity for March 2024! Some awesome new characters are popping up alongside some great ways for you to start or bolster a faction of your choice.

Updated Kroot Hounds Bound Into Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop has revealed more of the new T'au miniatures coming to Warhammer 40,000. Previous previews revealed the core of the new Kroot range and now we've got the stalking hunters, the Kroot Hounds!

Summon Up The Undead With Knucklebones In February


Knucklebones Miniatures are expanding their array of fun grimdark miniatures for your Fantasy and Sci-Fi games with new figures this month. You will be able to get them as part of a Tribes bundle or generally on their webstore. 

Da Big Dakka Brings A Big New Ork To Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop have a selection of new Black Library books popping up for pre-order this weekend and whilst there are some fun ones in the mix, one stands out as it's also accompanied by a new Warhammer 40,000 miniature!

Jon Hodgson’s Backdrops Return To Kickstarter


Jon Hodgson of Handiwork Games has returned to Kickstarter with a short but sweet campaign looking to fund the creation of a new set of Backdrop Books for when you want to showcase your miniatures in the best way possible. 

New Warhammer: The Horus Heresy Book Brings In The Blackshields


Games Workshop previewed a new book for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy coming soon. Shattered Legions and the rise of the Blackshields are being documented as part of The Battle for Beta-Garmon. 

Community Spotlight: Two Civil Wars & Some New Beginnings

3 weeks ago 1

Join us as we dive into some awesome Civil War goodness, one from history and another from the grimdark future! We also have someone getting restarted in their hobby so we're giving them a push to dive in deep!

New Wave Of HexTech Terrain Coming Soon From Gale Force Nine


Gale Force Nine has announced that they are going to be releasing a new wave of HexTech terrain for those diving into games like BattleTech! There will be new urban and rural landscapes for you to explore with your towering mechs. 

Snap Up New Stormbringers Miniatures From DakkaDakka.Store + Win Your Pledge!

3 weeks ago 6

DakkaDakka.Store has hit up Kickstarter once more with another awesome collection of 3D printable bits, accessories and full miniatures for your Sci-Fi armies of the grimdark far future. Stormbringers 2 brings an updated set of bitz to the tabletop for your Viking-themed Space Marines.

Battle In An 8-Bit Arena With Crooked Dice’s New Minis!


If you're excited by the idea of retro video gaming but in tabletop form, how about some of the new releases from Crooked Dice for 7TV? They have been creating some ace miniatures inspired by the likes of TRON and old-school video games. 

Pre-Order New ABC Warrior Icons From Warlord Games


Warlord Games is releasing more iconic characters for those diving into ABC Warriors this year. More 28mm 2000 AD goodness is on the way, building on what Warlord released last year as part of their ABC Warriors Starter Set.

Hunt Jedi With New Operative Expansion For Star Wars: Legion


Atomic Mass Games are getting ready to hunt some Jedi with a new Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion. Fifth Brother & Seventh Sister are going to be stalking the galaxy looking for Force Users to bring low with their lightsabers. 

Kirk & Spock Coming To GF9’s Star Trek: Away Missions!


Gale Force Nine has announced that a new set of characters will be coming to Star Trek: Away Missions in March! Captain Kirk and Scotty are going to be landing in two expansion sets that focus on the Original Series characters!

Unboxing: Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay – Wrath & Glory Starter Set | Cubicle 7

4 weeks ago 1

Justin explores what you get inside the newly released physical copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory Starter Set. If you've never tried roleplaying in the grimdark future, this is a great opportunity to start with Cubicle 7.

Community Spotlight: Testy Ronin, Soul Drinkers & A New Hope?

4 weeks ago 6

We dive into some fun in the era of the Samurai, a bit of tinkering in the grimdark with some Soul Drinkers and also a twist on Star Wars on the tabletop.

Will You Take Part In Salute 2024’s Painting Competition?


South London Warlords has been detailing the categories that you can enter this year as part of their Salute 2024 Painting Competition. Sponsored by Wayland Games, this gives you another chance to dive in with a project and potentially win yourself some plaudits. 

Brass Monkey Working On New John Blanche Miniatures


Brass Monkey Games' James Sherriff has announced that he is going to be working on a new series of 32mm miniatures based on the artwork of John Blanche who recently moved on from Games Workshop.

New What If Sets & Historical Miniatures From Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic has released a whole bunch of new sets for those diving into Historical wargames and What If scenarios on the tabletop. There's even a smattering of Sci-Fi in there for good measure. See what you make of their new 3D Printable sets available over on Atlantic Digital.

Battle Across Gothic Wastelands With Deep-Cut Studio Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has added another new gaming mat to their collection for those looking to fight out your Sci-Fi battles. Themed for use with Warhammer 40,000 or Legions Imperialis, the Gothic Wasteland gaming mat is looking suitably grimdark.

New Plastic Solar Auxilia Join Warhammer: The Horus Heresy


Games Workshop took some time this week to tick off a bucket list item for a lot of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy collectors. The Solar Auxilia, previously only available in Forge World Resin, are now going to be available in plastic with a whole host of new sets on the way to supplement this immense civil war.

New Mandrakes Stalk Into Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team


The skirmishing of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team continues with some brutal clashes on Bheta-Decima in a new boxed set from Games Workshop. Kill Team: Nightmare will see the previously announced Night Lords going up against the Mandrakes of the Drukhari who get brand-new miniatures.

Brand New Kroot Miniatures Coming To Warhammer 40,000!


Games Workshop dropped some big reveals from LVO this week for Warhammer 40,000. The Kroot are going to be coming back in a big way with a new Army Set and more supplementing the new T'au Codex over the next few months. 

How To Play – Star Trek: Away Missions | Gale Force Nine


The team show off how to get set up and how to play Gale Force Nine's newest Star Trek game, Star Trek: Away Missions. The Federation go up against The Borg in Battle Of Wolf 359 as we explore set-up and the basic mechanics of Away Missions.

Community Spotlight: Ravaged Star, Kislevites & Paper Craft Napoleonics


Get a peek at some awesome new painting projects from the community as we look into Ravaged Star, The Old World and a bit of Napoleonics!

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