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Explore The Garden Of The Giants In New Whimsical Kickstarter RPG


Some of my favourite memories of childhood adventures to which I was fascinated beyond belief, followed the stories of anthropomorphic creatures, going on whirlwind adventures.

Utilise Mystical Tools Of Witchcraft In New Board Game Witchstone


Have you ever been part of a witch's guild? Gather your coven and head straight to the cauldron, as you are needed to pull together your magical energy to occupy the towers surrounding the mystifying Witchstone.

Kromlech Wander Into The Dark Forest With New Releases


Kromlech's new Dark Forest terrain and basing range is now available for you to snap up and add to your Fantasy tabletops! If you're venturing into Rangers Of Shadow Deep, these might suit you very well indeed. 

Grab Yourself A New Blood Bowl 7s Deep-Cut Studio Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has taken some of their Blood Bowl Gaming Mat designs and tweaked them so that they now work for Blood Bowl 7s games! 

Epic! Raging Heroes’ Overlord Tier For Gods & Heroes Of Egypt


Raging Heroes has now shown off the full Overlord Tier option that you can snap up for this month as part of their Heroes Infinite Patreon.

Unboxing: Kings Of War Well Of Souls | Mantic Games

2 days ago 1

Gerry has a look at an impressive piece of kit for Mantic Games' Kings Of War. Here, we're looking at the 28mm Fantasy Well Of Souls!

New Heroes! Steam & Shadow For Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms


Modiphius has now dropped the new releases for Chapter II of The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms. Steam And Shadow introduces the mechanical contraptions of the Dwemer plus the brutal backstabbing of the Dark Brotherhood to this 32mm Fantasy skirmish wargame.

Kromlech Tease New Dark Forest Terrain Coming Soon!


Kromlech has a new terrain series coming up soon for those diving into Fantasy games on the tabletop. You can wander the paths of the Dark Forest with their new series of terrain come 7th May 2021.

Dungeons & Lasers Third Edition Woodhaven Kickstarter Now Live!

3 days ago 5

Archon Studio is now live on Kickstarter with the third edition of their Dungeons & Lasers project. This time around, the team at Archon are heading to the town of Woodhaven to craft a catch-all set of modular terrain for roleplaying gamers and skirmish wargamers.

Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Bestiary Review | Cubicle 7

3 days ago 5

Ben gives his thoughts on the recently released Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Bestiary which provides Gamemasters with LOADS of new creatures for their heroes to fight!

Plastic Revenants & Human Cavalry Coming To Oathmark Soon


North Star Military Figures has announced that new plastic kits are soon to be released for Osprey Games' Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age.

Wild Assent Rises Once More As New Campaign Is Announced


Lazy Squire Games have announced a new campaign that is upcoming for Wild Assent on Gamefound. Lavon Rising is being launched on the 28th June and will bring a whole new expansion to the world of Silvestrem, as well as giving people a chance to pick up the game if they missed the Kickstarter back in 2018.

Vampire Lords Of The Soulblight Revealed For Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop's Soul Wars might be coming to an end in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar but that doesn't mean that the Shyish Nadir hasn't finished giving out its dark gifts. The Soulblight Gravelords are more powerful than ever and new aristocracies of the night are looking to stake (hah) their claim on The Mortal Realms.

Kragnos Storms Into Age Of Sigmar! The Biggest Monster To Date?!


Games Workshop has started off their Warhammer Fest 2021 extravaganza with quite the reveal for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. Kragnos, the God Of Earthquakes, is storming his way into The Mortal Realms soon as part of the final Broken Realms book.

Witch Hunters Hunt Down Mutants In Dunkeldorf This June


King Games are going to be returning to the world of Dunkeldorf soon with a new Kickstarter for The Kingpin of Dunkeldorf.

Meet The W’adrhŭn Matriach Ready To Kick Ass In Conquest


A new miniature is available to pre-order for those building a W’adrhŭn army in Para Bellum Wargames' Fantasy game, Conquest. The Matriarch Queen is ready to kick ass and take names.

Rob Banks & Lay Down The Law With Black Scorpion Miniatures


Black Scorpion Miniatures are continuing with new releases in the wake of there being no Salute. There are new options for both their Tombstone and Breninmoor ranges starting with Bronwen who is getting ready to kick some ass.

Hedkrakka’s Madmob Stomp Into Warhammer Underworlds


Games Workshop is going to be returning to the latest cycle of releases for the Fantasy board game, Warhammer Underworlds.

Unboxing: Age Of Sigmar – Soulbound Starter Set | Cubicle 7

4 days ago 6

Justin unboxes the physical copy of the Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar - Soulbound Starter Set from Cubicle 7 which comes with everything you need to start your Fantasy adventures in The Mortal Realms.

Cursed Items & The Undead! Fantasy Realms’ New Expansion


Fantasy Realms from WizKidz is one of the reasons why I love card games. Why? Because they are quick, they are fun, and if they are strong enough - they do not take too long to pick up the rules.

Navigate The D&D Feywild With New Into The Fantastical Unknown


The Fae or some call Fey, Fairies of Fairyfolk have seemed to become more prevalent in fantasy games. Whether it may be the Fae causing havoc in miniatures games, board games or RPG games alike - these devious and unpredictable creatures have taken a film place on the tabletop.  Live on Kickstarter from EN Publishing, Into the Feywild provides a book jam-packed with fey-themed creatures and a brand new adventure taking place in the Feywild for your next Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaign. 

Official In-Game Changes To Masters For Malifaux 3rd Edition


Malifaux just keeps on giving, providing us players new ways to engage with not just that game system, but across all game titles held through the breach.

Raging Heroes Bring The Gods & Heroes Of Egypt To Patreon


Raging Heroes has teased the new releases for their Heroes Infinite Patreon next month! May brings with it the shimmering golds and blues of the Gods And Heroes Of Egypt to their 3D Printing Patreon. 

Venture Into The Dragon’s Lair With Warploque In May


Warploque Miniatures are looking ahead to next week and the release of their new Patreon goodies for May. If you like your dragons and Fantasy then you'll be happy to know that you can 3D print yourself a big drake and some heroes to face it soon.

D&D Fuses With Board Game Monopoly In New Version


As I write this, I can already feel the pain from Gerry, as he finds out that not only do some people combine miniatures with their D&D campaigns but that people can go on a quest on a familiar board. Bringing together the family game that causes havoc and arguments with the age-old role-playing adventure. Yes, Monopoly is getting an adventurous reskin with changes to appeal to the everyday roleplayer. 

Archon’s Dungeons & Lasers Heads To Woodhaven On 4th May!


Archon Studio are returning to Kickstarter on 4th May with a new project focused on their Dungeons & Lasers collection.

Unboxing: Trollkin Gunnery Sergeant | Hordes

1 week ago 3

Gerry unboxes the updated Trollkin Gunnery Sergeant, a great Trollblood Solo from Privateer Press' Hordes.

Community Spotlight: Arty Monsters, Gaming Stories & Virtuous Statues


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Head To The Mountains With Deep-Cut’s New Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has a new mat that might suit those who like the idea of battling their way across a craggy mountain top. Their Mountains mat offers up a rocky landscape that has been given a generous covering of snow.

Microworld Games’ 6mm Crusaders Hit The Fantasy Battlefield


Microworld Games has now released their selection of 6mm metal offerings for those diving into TINY Fantasy wargames.

Dive Into Jackals RPG Epic, The Fall Of The Children Of Bronze


Osprey Games has detailed a new epic campaign supplement coming up for their Jackals roleplaying game by John-Matthew DeFoggi.

Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fest 2021 Goes Online 3rd-8th May


Games Workshop announced this week that Warhammer Fest 2021 is going to be an online affair. It is also going to run for not one or two days but a whole week.

The Warsong Revenant Awakens The Woods In Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop has another preview for those diving into Warhammer Age Of Sigmar at the head of Sylvaneth armies. The Warsong Revenant is going to be available as part of a new Broken Realms book soon, getting ready to scour Ghyran of the taint of Chaos.

What Is The Hussite Trilogy Adventure Game? Nanoo Games’ New Sapkowski Project!


Gerry talks with Mikolaj from Nanoo Games about their new The Hussite Trilogy Adventure Game which is based on the work of Andrzej Sapkowski, author of The Witcher book series.

Crooked Dice Showcase New 7TV Fantasy Heroes & Monsters


Crooked Dice are looking to build on their Fantasy collection for use with their upcoming skirmish wargame. A few new monsters have made it into the mix recently although there are also a few iconic characters coming soon too.

Cult of Games XLBS: Ancient Gaming Maps Discovered & House Challenge Winner!


Come and join us for another dive into hobby and nonsense as part of Cult Of Games XLBS. This week we're joined by Gerry, Free, and the Johnston brothers, Lloyd and Warren have returned! Recall the search parties!

Bolt Action’s BIGGEST Tank Now In Plastic + Stargrave Crews Made Easy With Sci-Fi Apes #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time and a Happy St George's Day, this week Warlord Games Have announced that German players are getting Bolt Action's BIGGEST tank in plastic and our Indie of the week makes Stargrave Crews Easy but first we kick things off with Warcradle's big announcement of the imminent arrival of the Crown

Inspire the Revolution in 5e RPG Kickstarter Sirens: Battle of the Bards


Do you know who is universally loved and adored by RPG players and the tabletop community? Bards. These whimsical, musically talented being should never be overlooked. As in the new 5e RPG Kickstarter, Sirens: Battle of the Bards, the bards are out and ready to kickstart the brand new revolution, coming from Apotheosis Studios. 

Upcoming Bosses Available To Preview for Hellboy: The Board Game from Mantic Games


Hellboy: The Board Game by Mantic Games will be heading back to Kickstarter soon, This new Kickstarter campaign is going to include lots of new bosses, agents, cases and new minions to add to your already existing game. Providing new opportunities and new ways to play the already successful base game. 

Stormsunder Painting Tutorial – Lady Renata


John shows us how to paint the character Lady Reneta from the board game Stormsunder by Lazy Squire Games.

Eldfall Chronicles Coming To Kickstarter May 18th


Over the past few months, we've been keeping an eye on the upcoming fantasy skirmish game from Freecompany, the Eldfall Chronicles. We've been given a glimpse into the world, the factions and even a bit of the gameplay and now we have confirmation of the date it's coming to Kickstarter on 18th May if you want to stay informed you can sign up on their website now. 

Unboxing: Ogre Matriarch | Kings of War: Vanguard

2 weeks ago 3

Gerry takes a closer look at the Ogre Matriarch booster for Kings of War: Vanguard by Mantic Games. 

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