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23 ‘Best Of Asmodee’ Titles Available On Humble Bundle Now!


Humble Bundle is teaming up with Asmodee Digital and Breast Cancer Research Foundation to bring Play Pink and many other popular tabletop titles to digital for a fraction of the price.

Heroes Of Might And Magic Comes To The Tabletop In 2022


Archon Studio has announced that Heroes Of Might And Magic III: The Board Game is going to be coming to the tabletop next year via Kickstarter. Their November 2022 campaign is a ways off but they have already been sharing details about this new adaptation of the classic PC game.

The W’adrhŭn’s Apex Predator Prowls The World Of Conquest!


The forces of the W’adrhŭn are able to call on the might of another towering creature thanks to Para Bellum Wargames. The Apex Predator is on the prowl and should be a great option for those wanting to add a powerful leader into their games of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. 

Warploque Miniatures Bring More Dark Dwarven Cabals To Patreon


Warploque Miniatures has put together a collection of new miniatures which expand on their Fantasy offerings on Patreon. The Dark Dwarven Cabal is pack with part two alongside a brand new set of 10mm miniatures as well. 

Combine Greek Classic History With Mythology In Aegean RPG


The combination of Greek History and Mythology has now been combined as part of an upcoming RPG, and it is currently on Kickstarter.

Second ZombiMadness Month Scenario Available For Zombicide


Checking in at the second week of October with a brand new community-designed Zombicide scenario, as part of ZombiMadness month at CMON. 

Meet Bonny & Raid Black Scorpion’s New Tombstone Store


The folks at Black Scorpion Miniatures have been showing off a few new releases over the last few months. October and September bring new miniatures for both Cutlass! and Tombstone so you'll find something new for both the Wild West and the Golden Age Of Piracy.

Kromlech Teases The Return Of The Frostgrave Official Terrain Series


Fans of Frostgrave should make sure to keep an eye on the folks at Kromlech this year as December marks a return to the magical and haunted city of Felstad. The Frostgrave Official Terrain Series is expanding with brand new kits!

Warhammer Day Details Announced – Including Two New Miniatures!


Returning once more on the 30th October 2021 is Warhammer Day - a day to celebrate all things Warhammer. Whether you are painting, assembling or playing - the 30th of October is your day to get stuck in.

Steamforged Are Giving Away Rare & Coveted Dark Souls Expansion!


If you have Dark Souls: The Board Game and have been on the hunt for the Four Kings Expansion, you are in luck! Given the anniversary of the game - Steamforged Games will be giving away two copies of the expansion.

Unboxing: Ogre Warlock | Kings Of War

5 days ago 7

We take a look at the Ogre Warlock miniature from Mantic Games for use in their Fantasy wargame, Kings Of War. See what you make of this savage spellcaster.

Community Spotlight: Stalkers, Rangers And The Creeping Undead!

5 days ago 4

Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Expand Your Iron Kingdoms RPG With Borderlands And Beyond


Privateer Press is back on Kickstarter with a set of additional supplements and campaigns for you to drop into your Iron Kingdoms: Requiem adventures. Borderlands And Beyond gives you loads of new options for playing this 5E powered exploration of Immoren. 

Deep-Cut Praise The Lord Of Plagues With New Gaming Mat


Deep-Cut Studio have been showing off a new Sci-Fi and Fantasy wargaming mat which would be pretty great for those looking to battle it out across an infested realm. See what you make of their Rotten Garden.

A New Critical Role D&D Adventure! Call Of The Netherdeep


Want to explore more from the world of Exandria created by Matt Mercer for Critical Role? Well, a new D&D adventure is on the way with Call Of The Netherdeep being announced this week for Fantasy roleplayers. 

Santa & His Reindeer Zord Join The Power Rangers This Christmas!


The Santa vs Heximas Holiday Pack is ready to pre-order as the new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansion pits The Power Rangers, Santa and his reindeer Zord against the mighty Heximas. 

Final Fantasy TCG Opus Series Gets Anniversary Collectors Box 2022


It has been five years since the release of the Final Fantasy Opus series in 2016 from Square Enix, and now there is a new cohort of cards on the way for early 2022. 

Dragon Shield Show Off 2021 Christmas & Halloween Accessories


Dragon Shield have released their 2021 Halloween and Christmas Playmat and Art Sleeves, ready for this year's holiday/card themed adventures. 

Dwarf Light Infantry Marches To War Soon In Oathmark


North Star Military Figures has been showing off some of the finished and painted Dwarf Light Infantry which are going to be available to pre-order soon. These miniatures help build on the options available to Oathmark armies and can be used in other 28mm Fantasy wargames too. 

Ankh: Pantheon Brings 5 More Egyptian Gods To The Table


And alongside the core box of Ankh: Gods of Egypt, the expansion Pantheon will be sitting right next to it from October 29th.

Yu-Gi-Oh’s Battle Of Chaos First Core Set Coming 2022


Coming February 2022, the newest core booster set brings 100 new cards into the mix with some game-changing standings with new monsters, forms and summons. 

The Forest And Gnomes Want You – In Bonfire: Trees & Creatures!


The story is continuing, as players can expand on their base game with the upcoming addition Bonfire: Trees and Creatures. Coming Q4 this year. 

New Magic: The Gathering Figures Coming Christmas 2021


Wizkids have delved and scratched the surface venturing into the world of Magic: The Gathering. With previous miniatures released, Wizards of the Coast are prepping for the next cohort of Premium Figures coming in December 2021. 

Unboxing: Assassin’s Creed Board Game Expansions | Triton Noir


Gerry and Free get to unboxing some of the expansions for the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Of Venice board game by Triton Noir. 

Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep Pre-Orders Hit Soon!


Warhammer Underworlds returns to the tabletop this weekend from the folks at Games Workshop with Harrowdeep. A new season, new rules, new ways of playing and of course some brand new Warhammer Age Of Sigmar miniatures.

Cooperatively Explore and Grow A Fantasy Community In Mythwind


Mythwind is up on Kickstarter from OOMM Games, and players work closely with time building and establishing a whimsical fantasy community.

The Shire Rises With Halfling Fliers For Mantic’s Kings Of War


Mantic Games have just launched the second wave of Halflings for Kings of War for pre-order and with it rounded out the range so every option in the list will be available for the shorter folks armies.

LOTR: Living Card Game Getting Revised Core Set This Year!


Fantasy Flight Games have just announced their revision to the Core Set of Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, with additions to the content and all-around quality improvements.

‘The Verminator’ Prepares To Bring Brutality And Ferocity to Blood Bowl


It is Blood Bowl season, and a new star player is making some moves for the pitch, with a tanky Skaven who is not afraid to take some names on the open field. 

Dragonborn Paladin Painting Tutorial | Dungeons & Diversity

2 weeks ago 4

This week John is showing you how to paint a Dragonborn Paladin from the 28mm Dungeons & Diversity range by the folks at Strata Miniatures. 

Wyrd Release One-Shot Halloween Penny Dreadful RPG Available Now


Wyrd has most recently released a new One Shot: Beneath the Baumwood, taking players through the dark and gloomy - right in time for Halloween. 

Get Your Wyrd Halloween Minis Ready For The Rotten Harvest Painting Competition!


It is not just black and orange paint and cobwebs, the Wyrd Rotten Harvest painting competition, where players can paint their Wyrd miniatures for a chance to win some Wyrd and wonderful goodies. 

Ragnarok Miniatures’ Kickstarter Is Assaulted By A Host Of Goblins


Ragnarok Miniatures' current Kickstarter campaign for the Viking undead Draugr in Ragnarok 2 has seen a sudden glut of new models. There were already two packs of the Dark Elf models available but after some requests for full warbands Collin and Esther went one better and pulled forward several more packs of sculpts that were due to be released next year!

The Time Bandits Are Planning A Great Heist At Northumbrian Tin Soldier


Northumbrian Tin Soldier do some stunning models for tabletop gaming of their own designs, like the Cats of Crumpton or Nightfolks, alongside more traditional fantasy models but my favourite models in their range are a little band of robbers and this week they announced that they have been given the seal of approval and are now officially licensed.

Community Spotlight: D&D Nostalgia, Dark Age Rules & World War I Germans


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week... ...make sure […]

Marvel Heroes and Villains Head to Kickstarter for New A Dice Throne


Heading over to Kickstarter, Roxley - who have been known to produce titles surrounding big-title licences have now announced the Marvel version of Dice Throne. 

Two Classic Teams Return To Blood Bowl This Weekend!


There are two classic and nostalgic teams heading up the Blood Bowl this weekend, as part of a made-to-order run, the Amazon Team and the Tomb Kings Team will be joining the roster.

WH40K Black Templar Army Set Available To Pre-Order This Weekend!


The Black Templars of Warhammer 40,000 are heading to pre-order this Sunday, as they prepare to join their Battle-Brothers in arms in the upcoming, ongoing crusade.

Funko Announces Iconic Super Size D&D Villain As NYCC 2021 Exclusive


New York Comic-Con is approaching over the next few days, and Funko is arriving with a tabletop treasure that will certainly appeal to us role-players, as a D&D villain of age approaches Funko.

WOW: Wrath of the Lich King Pandemic Board Game Available Now


World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Pandemic Board Game is now available, players can now enter into the atmosphere of the Lich King, using the familiar Pandemic system.

Ghostbusters X Zombicide Collaborate In IDW & CMON Crossover


IDW Games have recently announced their collaboration with CMON, bringing the Ghostbusters into the Zombicide universe.

Raging Heroes Has Some Dark Fairy Tales This October


Raging Heroes have dropped their bundle of 3D prints for Heroes Infinite and Patreon for October, and for the spookiest of months they have chosen to visit some grim fairy tales and give them their unique twist!

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