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Raging Heroes Reveal Their First Piratical 3D STL Files


Raging Heroes has been showing off more of what's to come as they prepare for their 3D Printing endeavour called Heroes Infinite.

Osprey Games Offer Up Frostgrave Rules For FREE!


Osprey Games is doing their bit for those affected by COVID-19 and stuck inside as they offer up the main rules for Frostgrave in eBook form for free.

Ride To Ruin With Middle-earth SBG’s New Plastic Eomer Miniature


Games Workshop has been keeping things ticking over for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game too as they showed off a new plastic miniature for Eomer.

Don’t Have A Cow Man! Preview Age Of Sigmar’s Mighty Monsters


Games Workshop was showing off loads of preview this weekend for the worlds of Warhammer this weekend and first, we're going to look at the Mortal Realms of Age Of Sigmar.

Community Spotlight: Contrast Painting, Haqqislam Heroines & Furry Tutorials!


We're looking at some community streams, painting tutorials and a snippet from the wider Infinity world today in Community Spotlight.

MOMminiaturas Load Up Their New Dwarf Bolt Thrower


MOMminiaturas has been showing off a new model that they have in the works for their growing Dwarf collection.

Check Out Hero Spawn Spot’s 3D Printing Patreon Goodies


Available on Patreon right now, Yannick Hennebo is sculpting 3D miniatures for you to download and print off at home.

Raging Heroes Tease Their New 3D Printing Endeavour


Raging Heroes has been showing off what they have been playing around with behind the scenes and it seems like we should be expecting some 3D Printing STL Files very soon in an endeavour called Heroes Infinite.

Microworld Games Preview Their TINY 3mm Fantasy Range


We've heard of 28mm, 15mm, 10mm and even 6mm but I'd never heard of gaming at the tiny scale of 3mm! Well, Microworld Games enlightened me recently with this peek at their very, very, very small Fantasy range which is going to be releasing in the near future.

Slay Your Way To The Top With Creature Caster’s Berserker


Creature Caster has been showing off two of their Fantasy AdeptiCan't models which are going to be popping up on their webstore over the next few days.

Modiphius Sharpen Their Blades For Dishonored RPG Release


Modiphius has now fired up pre-orders for both their Hardback Core Rulebook and the PDF for Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game.

Ask Para Bellum Your Burning Conquest Questions This Friday


As the team at Para Bellum Wargames aren't able to attend Adepticon this week they are instead going to be hosting a Q&A over on their Discord Server instead!

Painting Journal Update #1: Getting Back Into Burrows & Badgers!

5 days ago 25

Ben is using this extra time to do a bit of extra hobby work and shows off some of his Burrows & Badgers miniatures. You can show off your work by starting a Project!

Dive In Deep With Metal King’s New RelicBlade Releases


Metal King Studio are joining in with the sales as they offer up a bunch of models that would have been available at Adepticon this week.

Stave Off Isolation Blues With The Free League RPG Sale


Hot on the heels of the recent news about the new starter set for Tales from the Loop the team at Free League Publishing wanted to keep people up to date with the various projects that they currently have ongoing. 

Mierce Miniatures Unleash A Mighty Dragon On Darklands


Mierce Miniatures has been showing off a few of their stylish looking models for the brutal Fantasy world of Darklands that got released recently.

RN Estudio Show Off Their Patreon Goodies For April


RN Estudio has been showing off what is coming up as part of their 3D printing Patreon in April.

Zealot Miniatures Summon Up A Djinn With Bara’Keth


Zealot Miniatures has been showing off another awesome looking new miniature for their Fantasy range. Here we have the rather fantastic looking Bara'Keth, a mighty Djinn who is likely to kill as often as grant wishes.

Cubicle 7 Power Up Endrinmaster Tech For AoS: Soulbound


Cubicle 7 has been showing off more details for the different character archetypes available in Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound, their new Fantasy roleplaying game set in the Mortal Realms.

GCT Reveal Adepticon Special Bushido Releases This Week


GCT Studios have said that this week will see them release their Adepticon Specials onto their webstore.

Games Workshop Explore The Warhammer Old World & Kislev!


Games Workshop are still keeping a lid on exactly what shape the Warhammer Old World will be in when they return to it in the future but the latest preview gave us a peek a lesser-known army that is getting a revamp, Kislev.

Warploque Offer Up Print & Play ArcWorlde Starter Set For Free


Warploque Miniatures has now offered up a FREE Print & Play Two-Player Starter Set for the Fantasy world of ArcWorlde.

Head Back To Helm’s Deep In GW’s Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game


Games Workshop are looking back at the battle for Helm's Deep in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game with a set of re-released miniatures from days of yore!

North Star Tease Upcoming Elf Light Infantry For Oathmark


North Star Military Figures recently showed off some more peeks at a few of the possible combinations you can run with when building armies for use in Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age.

Crebain From Dunland! Forge World Unleash Their New Flock


Forge World are in league with Saruman The White as they unleash a new set of Crebain onto the tabletop for use in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

DGS Games Send In Freeblades Talsytar To Strike From The Skies


DGS Games has been showing off a few new releases for the March and April period to use in Freeblades. We've talked about a few of them already and you can see the full set of releases HERE but this time we're focusing in on the Talsytar.

Para Bellum Talk Conquest Tactics For New Dweghom Releases!


Para Bellum Wargames has been talking about the new releases for the Dweghom coming soon.

Look Upon The Many Faces Of Raging Heroes’ Mighty Xeryell


Raging Heroes has been showing off a couple of new versions of their powerful character, Xeryell, who can get added into the mix during your Fantasy and Sci-Fi Games.

CMON Peek At ANKH: Gods Of Egypt’s Mighty Anubis


CMON has started to preview more of its new board game, ANKH: Gods Of Egypt which is the next product from Eric Lang.

Hobby VLOG: Altar Of The Succubi Full Build | Raging Heroes

2 weeks ago 1

John has a monstrous endeavour in front of him as he builds and paints the Altar Of The Succubi from Raging Heroes.

Westfalia Tease Plans For 3D Printer Friendly Halflings Project


Westfalia Miniatures has been showing off some early renders of a new band of Halflings which might be coming to Kickstarter soon. See what you make of these furry-footed fellows! 

Catch Up On Darker Days Radio’s Darkhammer Podcast


The Darker Days Radio team has been delving into some rather awesome content over the last few weeks and months.

Zabavka Workshop Bring Japanese Warrior Cats To Kickstarter!


I do like myself some anthropomorphic animals and Zabavka Workshop are currently on Kickstarter with their new range of Japanese Warrior Cats! 

Grab The New Guild Ball Shepherds By Hook Or By Crook


Steamforged Games has now started taking pre-orders for their new Guild Ball team, The Shepherds. See what you make of the rather nice By Hook Or By Crook set...

Crooked Dice Showcase Stone Slashers For 7TV Fantasy


Crooked Dice has been showing off some more of the upcoming releases for their 7TV Fantasy collection.

Shows To Watch Online When You’re Hobbying!

2 weeks ago 57

I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on shows you can watch which might help inspire your hobby. I want to know your thoughts too on what to watch whilst we're cooped up inside!

Creature Caster Preview Prep For AdeptiCan’t Weekend


Creature Caster are looking to get their new miniatures out to more people as part of an AdeptiCan't weekend soon.

MOMminiaturas’ New Giant Dons Heavy Armour For A Siege!


MOMminiaturas has been showing off another of the massive miniatures coming to their next Kickstarter. Here we have a rather hulking Giant who comes clad in heavy armour and wielding two huge cannons!

Hasslefree Miniatures’ Knightly Dwarf Challenges All Foes


Hasslefree Miniatures has been showing off some work on a new Dwarf Knight that might get added into the mix in the near future.

Wild Ixeon The Centaur Charges Into Lucid’s Ziggurat


Lucid Eye has been showing off a new release for the world of Ziggurat which is a bit different than the others. Here we have Wild Ixeon The Centaur, a wild and dangerous warrior who looks like he has seen many a battle.

DGS Fire From The Wing With New Freeblades Perakkir


DGS Games has been showing off a new addition to their Freeblades range, swooping in from on high. Here we have the Falkaaran Perakkir which is going to be gracing your gaming tables soon as a new warband member.

Crocodile Games Release Their Hardcover WarGods Rulebook


Crocodile Games has released their new Hardcover WarGods Of Olympus Rulebook onto their webstore in two different styles. 

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