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Community Spotlight: 02 Hundred Hours Terrain, Piles Of Shame & The Barons’ War


In this week's community spotlight, we dive into a pile of potential, paint up some terrain for use in 02 Hundred Hours and check out an excellent Medieval miniature collection.

Unboxing: Dungeon Lord Pack – Magnetic Dungeon Tiles | Modular Realms


Gerry takes a moment to unbox a set of double sided magnetic terrain from Modular Realms that he first discovered at the UK Games Expo this year. The Dungeon Lord Set contains a wealth of double-sided plastic tiles to build an infinite variety of dungeons for your RPGs.

Embrace The Changer Of Ways With Warp Miniatures’ Demons


Warp Miniatures has a rather terrifying set of 3D Printable miniatures for you to download as part of their Patreon for the month of June. Embrace the Changer Of Ways and summon the Demons Of Change into reality in 32mm scale.

Face RavenClaw Miniatures’ Classic Undead Tomb Dwellers!


RavenClaw Miniatures are offering up another suite of awesome classic wargaming miniatures in 28mm for you to use in all manner of different tabletop games. This time, they are heading to tombs and crypts in the depths of the desert with more Classic Undead.

Let’s Play: Burrows & Badgers | Oathsworn Miniatures

2 weeks ago 9

Join Ben and Shay for a Let's Play of Oathsworn Miniatures' Burrows & Badgers! Both warbands of awesome 28mm anthropomorphic heroes (and villains) are fighting over a central marketplace with an aim of ensuring their faction can secure it for future market days!

Pick Up New Conquest First Blood Warbands For 2024


Para Bellum Games are taking pre-orders for the new 2024 First Blood warbands that are a great way for you to dive in and start playing wargames in their 35mm Fantasy realm of Ea. All of the current factions have First Blood Warbands so you can simply pick your poison and jump in.

Age Of Sigmar New Edition Launch Date Announced & Campaign


Games Workshop has announced the pre-order date for the launch box for the new edition of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. From 29th June you'll be able to scoop up the big new Skaventide boxed set which features new miniatures for the Stormcast Eternals and Skaven. 

HeroQuest Heads To The Jungles Of Delthrak With New Quest Pack


Avalon Hill are taking pre-orders for a brand-new expansion to HeroQuest. You can now head into the Jungles Of Delthrak with new heroes, monsters and plenty of new quests for you to undertake. 

Plastic Werewolves & Sneakfeet Join Wargames Atlantic’s Range


Wargames Atlantic has got two big plastic sets for you to dive into and scoop up for use in your 28mm tabletop games. We start with some snarling killers and a set of plastic Werewolves which you could use in all sorts of neat Horror/Fantasy adventures.

Steamforged Games Share Their Vision For Warmachine’s Future


Steamforged Games, following up on their announcement at the start of the week, have been setting out their vision for the future of Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms. At the core of it is a message about the love of the game and making sure that Warmachine reaches its full potential within the wargaming space.

Community Spotlight: X-Men, Sneaky Lictors & Mythical Argonauts


In this week's Community Spotlight, we're having a look at some comic book heroes, a sneaky Lictor out and about and some Ancient Greeks diving into mythical adventures.

Monolith Launch New Kickstarter For Mythic Battles: Isfet!


Monolith Edition has now launched their Kickstarter campaign for Mythic Battles: Isfet! You can now dive in and try out skirmishes on the tabletop with the Egyptian gods and creatures from myth and legend, adding to the extensive range that already covers both Ancient Greece and Norse mythology!

New Frostgrave Cultists Coming To Felstad In Late June


North Star Military Figures has been previewing another awesome box of 28mm miniatures for use in Osprey Games' Frostgrave. The Cultists II set is going to be available in late June, allowing you to customise and kitbash even more treasure seekers for use in Frostgrave.

Steamforged Games Acquires Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine & More


In some big news for this week, Steamforged Games announced that they have acquired Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine and more from Privateer Press and will serve as custodians of their various games, miniature ranges and more in the future. 

Community Spotlight: Slaine, Puppet Power & Amazing Away Teams


Join us for another Community Spotlight where we're looking at some stunning Slaine miniatures, some puppet-based antics in Relics and a good tutorial on designing dark, fantasy woodland.

New Physical Miniatures Join MOMminiaturas’ Range Soon


MOMminiaturas has been showing off a new range of physical miniatures coming to their webstore soon. The Talf range is expanding and a new selection of 32mm Fantasy miniatures, Thorns Of Bornland, will be coming soon. 

Build An Ursus Kingdom Army With Zenit Miniatures’ Kickstarter


Zenit Miniatures has returned to Kickstarter recently to bring a brand new army of 28mm Fantasy miniatures to the tabletop for your games that may or may not take place in The Old World. If you're looking to defend the North then you can call on the Ursus Kingdom to hold back the Chaos threat.

Satyr Art Studio Scamper Forth With New Goblin Wolf Riders


Satyr Art Studio is now offering up the first run of Goblin Wolf Riders for use in your Oldhammer Fantasy armies in 28mm. These sneaky Goblins are going to be great for those looking to flank their foes, all sculpted to match that 1980s vibe. 

New DeepWars Starter Set Coming Soon From AntiMatter Games


AntiMatter Games is showing off a new Starter Set that will be coming for their game, DeepWars. Kraken Reef will see the Ancients of Atalán facing off against the Dark Mariners as you look to uncover lost artefacts. 

Backstab Your Foes With New Old Dominion Conquest Sets


The Old Dominion of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings are getting themselves a new Dual Kit. Para Bellum Games are going to be sneaking around the flanks with their Hashashin and Cultists soon.

Dive Into DragonStrike Kickstarter The Last Day Beckons!


Fighting Hedgehog are now on Kickstarter with their aerial dragon combat board game, DragonStrike. Take control of mighty chromatic and metallic dragons and their riders and do battle for the fate of the world!

Pick Up Infamous JT’s Ace 28mm Old School Fantasy Dwarfs


Infamous JT is back on Kickstarter with their range of awesome Old School Fantasy Dwarfs in 28mm for use in all manner of different games. If you like Oldhammer then these miniatures might remind you of the olden days but with a new twist thanks to advances in sculpting technique and style.

Unleash Conquest’s Lineage Prideborne On Battlefields Soon


Para Bellum Games are now taking pre-orders for some fascinating new miniatures for those building Spires armies. More wild creations have been unleashed from their vaults to do battle in their 35mm Fantasy wargame, Conquest.

Grab The Core Rules For Corvus Belli’s Warcrow For FREE!


Corvus Belli has now made the Core Rules for their upcoming Warcrow wargame free to download! You can go and immerse yourself in the Warcrow wargaming rules right now ahead of the launch of the game. Get a feel for the rules and see if the game is for you.

Build A New Medieval Tabletop With PWork Wargames Terrain


PWork Wargames has recently added some new 28mm Fantasy and Historical terrain to their collection for those wanting to build interesting battlefields. There are some great Medieval-themed buildings which would be great for all manner of different games.

Final Hours! Enter Monolith’s Savage World Of Solomon Kane


Monolith is back on Kickstarter with another way for you to dive into the world of Solomon Kane. The Savage World Of Solomon Kane is their limited edition roleplaying game using the Savage Worlds system that can also make use of hundreds of plastic miniatures based on the heroes and villains from Solomon Kane's back catalogue.

Check Out Kromlech’s New Range Of Terrain Tiles


Kromlech has released a new set of Terrain Tiles to help you craft interesting battlefields across a variety of genres. All of these have been crafted out of HDF and come in various styles to match different landscapes.

Bolter Your Winter Korps Infantry For Privateer’s Warmachine


Privateer Press are adding to Khador forces in the new edition of Warmachine. Rather than big clanking Warjacks, you now have the option to throw some 35mm infantry into the mix for the Winter Korps.

Indie Of The Week ... 64 UPDATES!

1 month ago 26

Check out our Indie Of The Week picks from each OnTableTop Weekender! Whether it's a great Sci-Fi wargaming range, a new Fantasy epic or something for the discerning Historical wargamer, you'll be able to find our weekly segments within!

Finish Off Age Of Sigmar’s Dawnbringers Series This Weekend


Whilst the new edition of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar might have taken the wind out of the sails of the end of the third edition of the game, the Dawnbringers series continues as the narrative pushes towards a climactic finish ahead of the Skaven swarming into The Mortal Realms.

What’s Inside The New Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Launch Box?


Now you've seen all of the Games Workshop miniatures coming for the Stormcast Eternals and the Skaven in the new Warhammer Age Of Sigmar launch box, it's time to dive into the rest of the contents of the box and the ways that you can play using the books and more.

All New Skaven Miniatures For Warhammer Age Of Sigmar!


Games Workshop revealed some of the brand new miniatures coming to the Skaven forces swarming into The Mortal Realms as part of the new edition of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar and the new Skaventide launch box. Let's dive in and sneak-sneak a look at the new rat things!

All New Stormcast Eternals Miniatures For Age Of Sigmar!


Games Workshop this week revealed all of the brand new Stormcast Eternals miniatures coming to the new edition of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. The new Skaventide Launch Box is on the horizon and there are some lovely new miniatures for the forces of Order in this set.

A New Hero For Arnor & The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game


Games Workshop has revealed another new miniature for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. The lands of Arnor are getting more love with the addition of Argadir, Captain Of Arnor.

Corvus Belli Tease Contents Of New Warcrow Starter Box!


Corvus Belli's 32mm Fantasy wargame, Warcrow, is going to be coming up for pre-order 15th July! You'll be able to dive into this Fantasy world with a two-player Starter Box featuring some stunning miniatures and everything else you need to get started.

The Talos! Stunning New Artisan Series Miniature For Conquest


Para Bellum Games surprised folks with a brand new Artisan Series miniature for use in Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings, their 35mm Fantasy wargame. See what you make of the majestic Talos sculpted by Michael Kontraros for the City States.

Unboxing: Masters Of The Universe: Battleground – Wave 6 | Archon Studio


Gerry checks out the Wave 6 releases for Archon Studio's Masters of the Universe: Battleground. With a new Gamefound campaign imminent we thought it was a great time to check out this skirmish boardgame based on the classic cartoon and with the continued release of new.

Community Spotlight: Arthurians, Conquest Ghols & Bauhaus Imperial Guard


We get a look at some old Arthurian miniatures getting an update for Spring, some awesome Ghols for Conquest and an Imperial Guard army inspired by Bauhaus.

Let’s Play: Masters Of The Universe: Battleground | Archon Studio


Gerry and Shay clash in Archon Studio's Masters of the Universe: Battleground. As it returns to Gamefound for a new campaign we thought it was a great time to check out this skirmish boardgame based on the classic cartoon and see how it plays on the tabletop.

Unboxing: Masters Of The Universe: Battleground | Archon Studio

1 month ago 3

Gerry takes a look at Archon Studio's 2 player starter set for Masters of the Universe: Battleground. As it returns to Gamefound for a new campaign we thought it was a great time to check out this skirmish boardgame based on the classic cartoon.

Hobday & Hicks’ The Barons’ War: Fantasy Skirmish Coming Soon


Hobday & Hicks have revealed a bit more about what's coming up for their new 28mm Fantasy wargame. Their new range of miniatures sculpted by Hicks are going to be part of The Barons' War: Fantasy Skirmish which should be on Kickstarter soon.

Walk The Path Of Glory In Classic Campaign For Dragonbane RPG


Free League Publishing are currently taking pre-orders for a classic campaign, revived for the new edition of the Dragonbane RPG. Path Of Glory was originally released for Drakar och Demoner back in 1985 and 1986 and the new volume brings all three stories together into one epic tome. 

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