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Greebo Games Preview Their New Zoat Work-in-Progress


Greebo Games have been showing their current work-in-progress which, quite frankly, has left me a little worried for the future of evolution.

Hunters & Minstrels Hit The Freebooter High Seas


Freebooter Miniatures have shown off two new releases for this month that will soon be gracing tabletops for Freebooter's Fate.

b-Design Have You Roleplaying As The Wicked Ones!


Wicked Ones is a new roleplaying game from b-Design currently up on Kickstarter where you don't take control of the valiant heroes but the nefarious villains and creatures that dwell within the dungeons normally raided in tabletop games.

New Oathmark Dwarf Is Definitely Not A Damsel-In-Distress


North Star Military Figures have released more images of their dwarven miniatures to be used in their fantasy wargame Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age.

Designing The Story & Mechanics Of Shadowborne’s Oathsworn


Sam sits down with Jamie Jolly from Shadowbourne Games to talk about the Story and Mechanics of Oathsworn.

Lead A Roving Warband With Lucid Eye’s Orc Barbarian


Lucid Eye has added a second character to their Blades & Souls range this week. Check out this angry Orc Barbarian, ready to raid and pillage. 

Oathsworn Tease New Burrows & Badgers Characters


Oathsworn Miniatures' Michael has been sculpting away at lots more for Burrows & Badgers as he shows off a teaser for two more characters. 

Fantastic Beasts Followers Pop Up From Knight Models This Week


Knight Models are expanding upon the range of options available for those diving into both the Batman Miniatures Game and the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game too.

Rule The Realms Of Chaos With New Wood Axe Dwarven Lord


Personally, I would never insult a dwarf but, then again, I like my kneecaps attached to my legs

Fight With Furry Fury In New Dungeon Mayhem Expansion


Cornered. Nowhere to run. They have knives, swords, and arcane magic, but there's one thing they didn't consider. You have a hamster.

Room 17’s Mighty Lords Fight Among The Flames


The sounds of drums auspices war. Hearts burning with rage as the Mighty Lords march to battle. Their blades sharp and thirsty, their deadly gaze ever forward. Glory and death await. The graves are open, the gods of evil awaken, and the lords of war are ready.

Batman Gotham City Chronicles Unboxing: Villains Set

3 days ago 20

Justin and Gerry get to walk on the darker side of Gotham as they unbox the villains set of Batman Gotham City Chronicles.

Stand Between The Mortal & Magic Realms In Liminal RPG


Modiphius has taken on another roleplaying game this week as they look to a bit of urban fantasy with Liminal.

Transform Gaming Into Gold In Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula


You are an adept of the mysterious art of alchemy, seeking a way to become the successor of the greatest alchemist ever living — Hermes Trismegistus. In order to do so, you will be transmuting mere metals into pure gold, performing experiments, and inventing artifacts to finally achieve everlasting greatness.

Fight For Your Faction In World Of Shieldwolf Wargame & Terrain


Welcome to the world of Shieldwolf, a fantasy land filled with magic and adventure in a brutal era where the strong prevail and the weak perish.

Quick Look: KAMI


Cass takes a Quick Look at KAMI, a strategic card combat game based on the principles of Goita Shogi!

WIN an EPIC Super Fantasy Brawl Core Pledge with Mythic Games

4 days ago 12

The Mythic Games team are in the studio filming Super Fantasy Brawl and they're giving YOU a chance to win a copy of the game as part of their Kickstarter which launches on June 25th!

Community Spotlight: Prussians, Hellboy Heroes & Dragonborn Triumphant

4 days ago 6

We're back with lots more painting from the community as we look all sorts from Historical through to Pulp comic awesomeness!

Fur-Footed Halflings Next Up From Wargames Atlantic


Building on the success of their first plastic sets, the Raumjager Soldiers and Skeleton Warriors, Wargames Atlantic are now working on a set of plastic Halflings for you to use on the battlefield. 

SBG Fanzine Issue #8 Ready For July Release!


A diligent group of fans have been working behind the scenes on the next issue of SBG Magazine.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Call On Lothur Ogrebane


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has added another of their Beardfolk into the mix for those who like their Dwarves.

Hunt Beyond The Wall With CMON’s Night’s Watch Ranger Trackers


CMON is coming up with some answers to those raging Wildlings in A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Send Badgers Into Battle With Sally 4th’s New Heads


Sally 4th have been adding some new conversion bitz into the mix for those playing Albedo or just looking to anthropomorphise their tabletop soldiers.

The Namban Army Masses For Zenit Miniatures’ Kensei


Zenit Miniatures has added a new fighting force into the mix for Kensei. These European invaders are here to start causing all sorts of trouble for the natives.

Embrace The Rage With Lucid Eye’s New Axe Barbarian


Lucid Eye has added another new character into the mix for their Blades & Souls range. This time around they are embracing the rage inside them with their Axe Barbarian.

2019 General’s Handbook Comes To Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop have announced that the 2019 Age of Sigmar General's Handbook will be coming out for pre-order next week.

Roll To Control The Kingdom In Kingdomino Duel


Kingdomino, the 2017 Spiel des Jahres winner about competing with other lords for control of a kingdom, is getting a slick new roll-and-write version for 2019!

Uwe Rosenberg’s Robin & Wyrmgold Steal From The Rich


Uwe Rosenburg is now working with Wyrmgold on a new game called Robin Von Locksley!

North Star Paint Up Newest Rangers Of Shadow Deep Foes


North Star Military Figures has now painted up the models that they've shown off already this week.

Oathsworn Tip Their Hat To A Cheeky Looking Magpie


Oathsworn Miniatures showed off a fantastic new miniature ahead of UK Games Expo last weekend.

Tabletop World Look For Support Building The City Of Altburg


Tabletop World, alongside Broken Egg Games, are going to be coming to Kickstarter on July 12th with their City Of Altburg project.

Red Scar Show Off The Cover For New Kings Of War RPG


Red Scar Publishing has been showing off the cover for their new Kings Of War: The Roleplaying Game project.

Retro Recall: Dungeons & Dragons – The Fantasy Adventure Game


In this Retro Recall I am looking back at a game which I remember fondly not because it was any good but because we were genuinely stumped by it. 

Let’s Play: Conquest – Dweghom vs Spire

1 week ago 13

Justin is joined by two of the guys from Para Bellum Wargames to play the latest Dweghom faction in miniature wargame Conquest.

North Star Preview Female Dwarf Warrior For Oathmark


North Star Military Figures are continuing to develop the range of miniatures available to you for the upcoming game, Oathmark

Shadowborne Give A First Look At Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood


Shadowborne Games talked with Ryan at UK Games Expo this past weekend about the reveal of Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood.

Modiphius Show Off Models From Call To Arms Starter Set


Some of you will have heard that Modiphius has now got control of The Elder Scrolls as a tabletop miniatures game and we're first going to be heading to Skyrim with Call To Arms.

Explore The Elven City Of Ethilia With New 3D Printable Terrain


The towering white city of Ethilia is a wonder to behold. Although now quite cosmopolitan its architecture is still very much rooted in the tradition of its original builders, the elves.

Craft Your Dream Miniature In The Eldritch Foundry


Because you deserve nice things.

A Song Of Ice & Fire Unboxing: Builder Scorpion Crew

2 weeks ago 11

Our mates from the states break out the Builder Scorpion Crew for miniature game A Song of Ice & Fire from CMON.

Community Spotlight: Gloomhaven Heroes, Undead Armies & Spooky Investigators


Come and join us for another look at what you have been doing here in the Projects and Forums over the past week or so.

Modiphius Has You Hitting The High Seas In Conan The Pirate


Modiphius is hitting the high seas with Conan and another roleplaying game supplement. Have you been adventuring with Conan The Pirate?

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