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Here you can find out about how we collect, protect and use your personal data to benefit you


We collect and use personal data only as it might be needed for us to deliver our products, services, websites and mobile applications. Your personal data that we collect with a free account on the platform can include the following information:

  1. Username
    Your choice of identity to be known by on the platform and the identity presented when you comment or create a post or project etc [This data is public]
  2. Name
    You may choose to add your real name to this field or just add your username once again, this field can be changed at anytime by editing the field in your profile. [This data is public]
  3. Date of birth
    We ask for your date of birth as a means of better delivering appropriate content in the future as our platform grows. [This data is never shared]
  4. Email address
    A valid email address is required but never accessible to anyone outside administration staff within the Beasts of War team. This email is used to verify your account and provide transactional emails such as private messages and comment replies etc. [This data is never shared]
  5. Gender
    You may optionally and privately provide your gender, the team use this field internally to monitor the balance of users and if we are meeting our targets of widening the community demographics and inclusiveness. [This data is never shared]
  6. IP Address
    Your IP address may be privately recorded against posts and forum topics, and is privately captured as a security measure for the site to help us fight spam and fraud accounts.  [This data is never shared]


We give you the option to provide further information on your hobby preferences, this information is visible to only you by default, if you wish to share your preferences with other community members (friends or the whole community) this can be changed at any time by editing your profile you will find the link in the top bar when you are logged in.

The preferences you can currently set are as follows

  1. Account Type
    This preference will allow us to ensure that content that is more relevant to your main focus in the hobby is made more prevalent to help you find stuff that matters more quickly. [This preference is private by default]
  2. I'd Like to…
    This preference setting will help us ensure that we highlight the areas of the platform we feel will be of most use to meeting your hobby needs (such as highlighting the places app if you would like to find more places to play games) it also helps guide us in investing resources into services that our community deem important. [This preference is private by default]
  3. Favourite Activities
    If there are particular aspects of the hobby you enjoy most, setting this preference helps us see what types of content we should be prioritising (such as painting tutorials or lets plays). It also in the future can help us ensure we better inform you of content that we feel matches the activities you enjoy most. [This preference is private by default]
  4. Favourite Content Type
    This preference both guides us in the format of content we produce (getting the balance of video or articles right for example) and in the future could also help us highlight content that is in the formats you most enjoy. [This preference is private by default]
  5. Favourite Types of Games
    Are we making and sourcing content about the right types of games? This field helps us ensure we are getting the correct balance and in the future could also help us highlight content that is about games you are most likely to enjoy. [This preference is private by default]
  6. Preferred Game Genres
    Are we making and sourcing content about the right types of games? This field helps us ensure we are getting the correct balance and in the future could also help us highlight content that is about games you are most likely to enjoy. [This preference is private by default]
  7. Disable Advertising (Backstage Account Required)
    If you have a backstage account you can opt to switch off the on-site advertisements. [This preference is private by default]


We may share your personal data with affiliated companies owned and operated by Beasts of War Ltd or its Directors, with third parties with which we have partnered to allow you to integrate their services into our own Services, and with trusted third party service providers as necessary for them to perform services on our behalf, such as:

  1. Processing PayPal or credit card payments
  2. Serving advertisements
  3. Conducting contests or surveys
  4. Performing analysis of our Services and customers demographics
  5. Social Network content sharing facilities
  6. Communicating with you, such as by way email or survey delivery
  7. Customer relationship management.

We only share your personal data as necessary for any third party to provide the services as requested or as needed on our behalf. These third parties (and any subcontractors) are subject to strict data processing terms and conditions and are prohibited from utilizing, sharing or retaining your personal data for any purpose other than as they have been specifically contracted for (or without your consent).

Third party platforms we currently integrate with include:
Google Analytics: Privacy Statement
Share This: Privacy Statement
Google Doubleclick for Publishers: Privacy Statement
MailChimp: Privacy Statement
Paypal: Privacy Statement
Stripe: Privacy Statement
Youtube (Video Embedding): Privacy Statement
Twitch (Video Embedding): Privacy Statement
Facebook (Video Embedding): Privacy Statement


We take the responsibility of protecting your personal data very seriously, which is why we make every effort to keep your personal data safe and secure.

  1. Firewalls and Network Security
    We use computer safeguards such as firewalls and anti virus and anti malware to keep data safely locked up.
  2. Data encryption
    We transmit data over encrypted protocols and convert data such as passwords into ciphered text which can only be unscrambled with a secret password.
  3. We do not store or process Credit Card Transactions
    All Credit Card or PayPal transactions are handled 100% by either Stripe or PayPal entirely on their secure platforms, we never receive or store any credit card information directly into our systems, ensuring you can transact with us in the highest confidence.
  4. Protect your Account and the community
    We monitor the activity across the platform and on your account to help keep fraudsters away and make sure both you and other community members are safe and protected!

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